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Why social media is more than just a numbers game

Why social media is more than just a numbers game

It’s easy to view social media simply as a popularity contest – after all, more followers equals more business, right?


Yes, it might look impressive if you have twitter followers in the tens of thousands or a four-figure Facebook fan base, but what point is there in having a huge following if those people aren’t engaged with you?

Think about this: how many times have you clicked “like” on a Facebook page only to never visit it again?

I know I’ve done it. Hundreds of times and I can count on one hand the number of pages I make an effort to visit on a regular basis – and even if I visit I don’t always comment or “like” their posts.

popularity contestAnd whilst a twitter profile might look impressive when you see they have 20,000 followers, check out how many people they’re following too. Chances are the figure won’t be much less than the number of followers, very often it’s more. There are very few “social media celebrities” who have a huge following whilst only following a handful back (Chris Brogan and Problogger, for example).

Personally, I can’t see the point of following hundreds of people only to boost my own follower count.

I view twitter as a place to interact with people – it would be impossible to keep track of people’s updates if I had thousands and thousands of them every minute.

And then there’s the Klout score, a pretty meaningless number that apparently shows how influential you are. I deleted my Klout profile a few months ago having read a number of articles which led me to believe Klout measures influence based not on how you interact with your network but actually the opposite – the more you ignore people, the higher your score. Hmmm.

In fact, the only social media application where I’d say it’s acceptable to have as many connections as possible is LinkedIn – after all, the more people you’re connected to the larger your overall network.

Here are my social media top tips:

  • Only follow people on twitter you’re interested in and take time to interact with. Don’t follow simply because you want a large number of followers yourself.
  • Be selective about the Facebook Pages you “like” and every so often have a cull of those you haven’t been back to since.
  • Forget about Klout. Never use it as a reason to follow someone and please, do your followers a favour and steer clear of the “I just gave so-and-so +K about…” tweets – they’re just another form of twitter spam!

What’s your opinion – is there more to social media than the numbers or is it just a popularity contest?

Bridie Jenner

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