Audio & Video Transcription Rates

My transcription rates vary and are based on:

  • How many speakers are in the audio;
  • Required turnaround time;
  • Your preferred transcription style; and
  • Any additional requirements you have, for example time codes, inclusion of PowerPoint slides or images, etc.

Which is why I provide a bespoke quote for every client.

Your quoted rate includes:

  • Transcription of audio* within the recording;
  • A second listen-through for accuracy;
  • Basic internet research for correct spelling of names, jargon, etc; and
  • Additional requirements requested, as exampled above.

Rates start from just $126 + GST per audio hour – remember, 1 audio hour can take more than 4 hours to transcribe!

Discounts Available


If you’re a student you’ll receive a 10% discount off the quoted rate, proof of studentship must be provided.

Bulk Purchase

If you wish to bulk purchase audio minutes in advance, you’ll receive a 5% discount off the quoted rate. This is ideal for clients who:

  • Have on-going transcription needs, for example a doctor or lawyer who requires regular services;
  • Are conducting a number of interviews and have a large volume of audio requiring transcription; or
  • Require transcription of a regular event, for example a weekly podcast or monthly webinar.

Please note, a minimum of 100 minutes is required to qualify for the bulk purchase discount and they must be used within 365 calendar days of purchase.


*As per the client’s transcription style preference



Terms of Business

Services will be provided at the rate advised in your quote. This rate is based on the criteria as detailed within the quote. Any work outside these criteria will be quoted for separately (e.g. the quote is for a one-on-one interview and you have a four person focus group for transcription).

Invoices will be raised on receipt of your audio/video files for payment in advance. Turnaround times are calculated from the day payment is received.

Government organisations will be invoiced after transcription is completed for payment within 30 days. Failure to make payment on time will result in prepayment being required for further transcripts.

Payments can be made via bank transfer or credit card. If you’re outside Australia or the UK, you’ll be asked to send payment via PayPal.

If your files are of poor audio quality then a surcharge will apply for the extra transcription time required and no discounts can be offered.

Turnaround times are based on business days and do not include public holidays.



Bridie’s Typing Services is committed to ensuring the privacy of clients and is compliant with the Australian Privacy Act.


All subcontractors must have signed confidentiality agreements before any work is sent to them. I am happy to sign your own confidentiality agreement if required.

All subcontractors are based in Australia – your files and information are never sent offshore.

Your Files

I request that audio and video files are sent securely via Hightail or Sharefile – you may of course use your preferred file-sharing service.

Transcripts will be sent via email. However, if your document is extremely sensitive I may send it using Hightail or Sharefile – you can also request that transcripts are sent this way if you prefer.

All audio and video files are deleted once the transcript is sent. Documents are kept at Bridie’s Typing Services’ HQ for six months, following which they are deleted. Subcontractors are requested to delete copies of all audio/video files once the transcript has been received and to delete their copy of transcripts after 30 days.

Your Information

Bridie’s Typing Services will collect your email address, telephone number and any other relevant information. This is used only by Bridie’s Typing Services. If you choose to pay via credit card, your information will be stored by my online payment service, eWay. Otherwise, the only time your information will ever be shared to a third party is for debt collection purposes.


By becoming a client of Bridie’s Typing Services you will automatically receive a quarterly newsletter updating you with new services and upcoming breaks. You may, of course, unsubscribe from this at any time.

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