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When it comes to transcription it’s all about value, not cost

It’s incredibly easy to surf the web and pick the cheapest transcription service you find, but are you getting value for money?

In the past I’ve been privy to some work one of my clients had received from a cheap and cheerful transcription service and I was appalled by what I saw.

Apart from the terrible spelling, grammar and poor formatting, the report was full of basic errors. To start with there was no consistency, for example they used “78 per cent”, “78%” and “78 percent” on the same page, not to mention the fact they’d typed “stop” where a full stop was supposed to be.

Oh dear. to continue »

Why you should be outsourcing your transcription

Outsourcing your transcription can seem daunting, but once you’ve given it a try you’ll kick yourself for not doing it years ago!

If you’re yet to take the leap, consider these benefits to you and your business.

Free up your time 

Outsourcing your transcription allows you to concentrate on your core business and increase your profits.

It can take up to four hours to transcribe a one hour audio file – and that’s before you add in multiple speakers, strong accents, jargon-heavy subject matter or background noise.

Don’t you have better things you could be doing with that time, like lead generation, signing up new clients or other revenue-increasing work? to continue »

The number one social media metric everyone’s too scared to mention

How do you measure the success of your social media marketing?

Instead of measuring followers we’re told that it’s all about engagement. Right? So how do you measure that? Do you look at likes and pluses, pins and shares, comments and clicks?

What if I told you that all those metrics are worthless? Measuring them is a waste of your time.

The only metric you should really care about is revenue. to continue »

Is cheap transcription good value?

I recently had an enquiry from a potential client looking to replace their current transcription service. Unfortunately, my prices were more than their budget allowed, as they were only paying their current transcriber 30c per recorded minute.

I understand that some businesses simply don’t have the budget to use my services – and that’s OK. When you’re a small business or a freelancer starting out, every cent counts.

But thirty cents per recorded minute equates to an hourly rate of less than $5. to continue »

Are you asking too much?

My in-laws visited recently, and while they were here they invested in a caravan so they can visit more often and see more of our wonderful country without it costing a small fortune.

Of course, an expensive purchase like that needs to be insured.

My husband was tasked with this, and his first stop was Youi. He filled in some details on their website but alas, no quote – you have to phone them. So he moved on, but within a few minutes his mobile rang. It was Youi. to continue »

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