When is a transcription service not a transcription service?

I read an interesting discussion on LinkedIn not long ago. The opening question asked what’s the difference between a transcription service that charges $20 per audio hour and another which charges over $100 per audio hour. As someone rightly pointed out, more often than not a service offering a low rate won’t have English as a first language and so will lack the many skills, including basic grammar, which are essential if you need a good quality transcript. But it was a comment underneath this that really... read more

Telephone Interviews: Tips to get the most out of your recording

Telephone interviews are a great research tool, whether you’re a market researcher, investigator, business person, or about to write your university thesis. Follow my simple tips to ensure great quality recordings every time. Don’t use speakerphone I get this all the time, interviews that have been recorded on a normal dictaphone placed next to a speakerphone. The most common result is your voice is clear as a bell whilst the person on the other end of the phone –... read more

Are you for real?

“Fake it ‘til you make it”. It’s a phrase that’s often trotted out when people are starting out in business. But just how much fakery is required? Where do you draw the line? And do you actually need to “fake it” at all? In business, reputation is everything Click To Tweet It takes years to build a great reputation and only one silly slip-up to tarnish it. Of course, when you’re the new kid on the block competing against... read more

What is event transcription and why is it important?

What is event transcription? In a nutshell, it’s a text record of your: Keynote speech or presentation Seminar AGM or other meeting Workshop Panel discussion or roundtable Interviews with attendees Why is event transcription important? The main benefits are: Providing a written record which saves you time – a transcript means you don’t have to take notes and you won’t miss any information Broadening your audience – a transcript allows people with a hearing impairment to access the information Boosting... read more

How do transcription services make content marketing easy?

Content marketing is all the rage. But let’s be honest, we’re all incredibly busy and there are only so many hours in the day – just how are we supposed to find the time to create more content? There is a simple solution. Team up with a transcription service to make content marketing a breeze! How a transcription service can help with content marketing Having your recordings transcribed allows one piece of content to be used in multiple ways. Click To Tweet Every recording,... read more

61 tips for using Twitter effectively

Twitter is a fabulous networking tool for any small business or freelancer. But are you using it effectively? Check out these simple tips that’ll have you using Twitter like a pro in no time! Twitter Basics 1. Upload a profile pic – eggs do not encourage followers. Preferably use a head shot, but if you’re camera shy a logo will suffice. 2. Optimise your bio – you only have 160 characters to play with so if in doubt enlist the services of a... read more

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