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10 mistakes that are costing you Twitter followers

10 mistakes that are costing you Twitter followers

You may be using Twitter, but are you using it the right way?

Check out the top 10 mistakes I see people making time and again that turn off followers:

1. You only talk about yourself

There’s one at every networking function and sadly Twitter is full of them – boring bigheads that constantly talk about themselves.

Stop it now!

Instead of broadcasting about yourself, share other people’s content, participate in conversation and, most importantly, take an interest in everyone else.

2. You’re still using auto-DMs

Nothing is guaranteed to make me click the “unfollow” button quicker than an automated Direct Message thanking me for following and leading me to a Facebook Page or website.

If I wanted to like your Page or check out your website then chances are I’ve already done it.

If you insist on using auto-DMs (and honestly, I don’t see a single reason why you would) at least make them original and don’t link to anywhere else!

3. You interrupt Twitter chats with promotional tweets

Twitter chats are wonderful – I’ve learned so much through my favourites (#LinkedInChat, #MediaChat and #GetRealChat) and often pop in and monitor others.

However, you can guarantee there’s always one idiot on Twitter who’ll send a promotional and completely irrelevant tweet into the chat by using the hash tag.

Unless you’ve got something to contribute to the chat, don’t use the hash tag – it makes you look like a spammer and no-one likes those.

4. You have your profile location set as “on the internet” or “on Twitter”

So you have a sense of humour, great, but why not inject a bit of humour into your bio instead?

Before I follow someone I always check out where they are in the world – if you’re not sharing that information I guarantee you’re missing out on followers.

5. You’re over-using hash tags

Hash tags are useful but seriously, if your tweet has more than three of them you’re making yourself look spammy and ridiculous.

By all means use hash tags, but be sparing with them.

mistakes that are costing you twitter followers6. You tweet to random people trying to sell your wares

Let me be clear: yes, you can use Twitter to find leads and of course you can tweet to people who are looking for your product or service. But please avoid randomly tweeting people spruiking your business – whenever I receive such a tweet I instantly report that person as a spammer, and you can guarantee I’m not the only one. Don’t send yourself to Twitter purgatory!

7. You ignore people

Yes, we’re all busy, but no-one’s so pushed for time they can’t post a quick “thanks” if someone’s helped them, retweeted their content or replied to a question.

As your mother probably told you: manners cost nothing!

8. You only ever use automated tweets

There’s nothing wrong with preparing your content ahead, but don’t make every single tweet an automated one.

Twitter is all about interaction – how can you interact if you’re never actually available on Twitter?

To make Twitter work for you, you need to commit to being online at least once or twice a day.

9. You tweet too many quotes

The odd motivational or inspirational quote is one thing, but for some people it’s all they seem to tweet. Boring…

10. You share the same content on Twitter and Facebook

Honestly, what’s the point?

If I’ve already “liked” your Facebook page, what incentive is there to follow you on Twitter (and vice versa) if you’re sharing exactly the same content on both?

Take a bit of time to tailor content for each platform – you’ll quickly reap the rewards!

What else would you add to the list?

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